I provide a delicious range of sea- vegetables, dried and ready to boost your well-being.

All  seaweed sells at £5 per 50g pack, plus £1.50 postage and packing

Sea Lettuce Sprinkles: ( Ulva Lactuca)   50g
Bright-green delicate flakes of sea-lettuce, lightly roasted.
Very rich in iron, vitamin C and B vitamins.
Add a teaspoon or two to enrich soups, omelettes, pasta sauces, risottos, pancakes,-anything you usually cook!
( A sneaky way to get your kids to eat their greens!)

Sea Grass Sprinkles:( Ulva compressa)   50g
Use as for Sea Lettuce.
Especially high in Vitamin B12, so excellent for vegetarians who may struggle to get enough of this important vitamin.

Sea Spaghetti: (Himanthalia elongata)  50g
Good balance of minerals, vitamins, calcium and magnesium.
Delicious 'beefy' flavour.
Soak a palm-sized tangle in a little warm water for 10 minutes . 
Chop into short lengths and add to soups, stews, risottos, pasta dishes, salads etc.

Dulse: (Palmaria palmata)   40g
Traditionally a great favourite in Ireland.
Salty, chewy and delicious.
Can be eaten straight from the pack.
High in protein and iron, all essential amino acids, vitamins A, C, D, and B complex.
Add to soups, stews, potato and bean dishes, rice, breads and casseroles.

Apple Smoked Dulse:   30g
A superbly delicious treat!
Smoky, salty, chewy.
(I love to munch it straight from the pack!)
No need to soak before using. 
Snip into small pieces with scissors.
Add to omelettes, potato cakes, and fish dishes.

Carragheen: (Chondrus crispus)   40g
Traditionally used in Ireland to set milk puddings as a remedy for coughs and colds.
Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, expectorant.
Rich in protein, iron and minerals.
Add a few frills to soups, stews and gravies as a nutritious natural thickener.
Use to set panna cotta, jellies and milk puddings.

Kelp: ( Laminaria digitata)   50g
Highly valued in Japan to make dashi soup.
Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. High in iodine so use sparingly.
Aids arthritis.
Soak approx 9cm piece in warm water for 15 minutes.
Chop finely and add to soups, stews and stocks for a delicious rich flavour.

Sugar Kelp:( Saccharina Latissima)   50g
A sweet and delicious seaweed.
Contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.
High in iodine so use sparingly.
Use as with kelp, but also try in biscuits, cakes and tarts.

The seaweed is packed in recyclable air-tight bags.
Once opened, please reseal and  keep in a cool dry place.

Note that some seaweed develops a white residue whilst drying.
This is simply natural salts and sugars coming to the's all good!

Dried Wrack for Seaweed Baths: 
250g packs,( enough for 10 baths): £15 plus P & P
Sample Packs £3
Seaweeds concentrate the minerals and nutrients from the sea, making them wonderful for replenishing essential minerals and detoxing your body when used in the bath.

Brown seaweeds have been proven to repair damage to the skin's barrier, slow the aging process, promote faster healing , to flush out toxins and help control cellulite.
There are also numerous health benefits from soaking in a seaweed bath, including relief from arthritic pain, muscle and bone injuries, and circulation problems.

Thalassotherapy clinics have existed for hundreds of years enabling (rich) folk to bathe in seawater and use marine-based products to enhance their health and well-being.
. Now you can have your own home spa by throwing a handful of seaweed into running bathwater and
having a relaxing soak.

I have had psoriasis for many years, and to my great joy, have found that regular seaweed baths takes away the' fire ', reduces scaling and is more beneficial than anything I have tried before, including prescription creams.

The Wrack seaweed has been washed in the sea and dried in the sun.
There may be traces of authentic Cornish sand or the odd little shell.